Uncovering 2020

This past year has been filled with uncertainty and change. We all have been surrounded by fear and the unknown. 2020 seemed to be a horrible year from the outside. I took a quick look at the inside and asked myself this question, “What happened within my own life in 2020?” I was surprised… toContinue reading “Uncovering 2020”

Where did the time go?

Well… somehow it is now December 27th as I am writing this. I do not know where the month of December has gone. I do not know where the month of November has gone. While I am on it, I do not know where the whole entire year went!!! This was an interesting year forContinue reading “Where did the time go?”

Life IS Worth Living

Have you ever thought to yourself that life isn’t worth all the hardships? You may or may not. I know I definetly have multiple times. I don’t understand why I personally had to go through so many meidical issues when I was a child. I still deal with some cognitive issues. I’ve learned that thereContinue reading “Life IS Worth Living”


In life, we all experience different things. Every moment is never the same and not one person has the same obstacles or triumphs. All of these events connect and interlace into a unique path. This is what creates our own personal story. There may be things happening to you right this moment that you areContinue reading “Seasons”


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About Me

Hi, I’m Sarah. I am currently a senior at Rowan University pursuing my Bachelors in Marketing and a Minor in Psychology. My goal in life is to help as many people learn how to manage stress. This blog is for sharing my story and sharing how I am overcoming challenges every single day. Thank you for checking my blog out 🙂

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