Every Day is Different

Day By Day Life is ever changing. We never know how each day will play out. Different situations will happen…our emotions can change dramatically… Are you ready for the challenge? We have to be prepared to face and adapt to whatever situation arises. When we aren’t prepared, it is likely we will go down aContinue reading “Every Day is Different”

Peak State

Unleash the Power Within This is something that I have not personally experienced before this past weekend happened. This past weekend, I had the opportunity to be involved with Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within seminar. The seminar was for four days that were each 12-14+ hours in front of a computer… My first thoughtsContinue reading “Peak State”

Challenges are Inevitable

Why Challenges Happen Did the question about facing so many challenges ever come up in your mind? It is very easy to constantly be complaining about everything going wrong in our lives. There are good things happening, but all the negative things seem to be outweighing the positive things. To me, it is a simple,Continue reading “Challenges are Inevitable”

Did You Hear the News?

What news? What else happened that is super bad in our world? No, no… This is something positive and good!! I just launched my first video on my brand new YouTube channel TODAY!! I am extremely excited about this YouTube channel because on it I will be sharing every week how I am overcoming whateverContinue reading “Did You Hear the News?”

I’m Back

Hello! Long time, no reading… I have taken a break from posting on here regularly. I plan on posting every week on Thursdays at 4pm EST. Since posting back in January, lots has happened. Currently, I am working on growing momentum with healthy lifestyle habits that will help me succeed and be the best versionContinue reading “I’m Back”