Welcome to our page! We are so happy you found us. Currently, we are a startup that is being developed as you read this. We feel there is a need for stress management to be taught to middle and high school students. Stress management is something that is lacking in our society today and we have a goal to help as many students as possible through our various programs. We are working hard on becoming a nonprofit, so we can help students deal with stress in positive ways.

At Uncovering Joy, we want to teach students how to live a healthy life because there will be many challenges along the way. We will focus on the eight dimensions of wellness (emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical, environmental, financial, occupational, and social). We live in an unhealthy world that is full of negativity. We wish to create a community of people who are empowered by themselves and their peers to reach for the stars.

We have a vision of speaking at schools to start the conversation about stress and how someone can manage their stress. We also are planning on creating a space for middle and high school students. We will have many resources that will be available. In this space, students will be able to learn stress management skills as well as being able to unleash creativity. Through yoga, meditation, and creativity we believe that we can decrease the stress levels students are experiencing in today’s world.

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We are a startup that aims to help middle and high school students learn how to manage stress in a stressed out world.

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