Every Day is Different

Day By Day

Life is ever changing. We never know how each day will play out. Different situations will happen…our emotions can change dramatically… Are you ready for the challenge? We have to be prepared to face and adapt to whatever situation arises.

When we aren’t prepared, it is likely we will go down a spiral of negativity. We must train ourselves to be ready for something to happen. To help us train, we must have an action plan of what we would do if we were to experience change, sadness, being overwhelmed, etc. It may be a little tricky figuring out what would help because of the trial and error process.

Some questions to ponder:

  • When you want to get motivated/inspired, what do you tend to go towards?
  • What helps to build your energy level?
  • What do you enjoy doing on your days off?
  • What do you do to feel more connected with the earth or Creator?
  • What do you do that makes you feel relaxed?
  • If you enjoy listening to music what music helps to relax you?
  • Is there a scent that helps you feel relaxed or energized?


The above questions are to help you come up with some things to help adapt to various situations. These are just some ideas that you can go to when something changes in your day and makes you feel iffy. When an event arises in which you weren’t expecting, try implementing some of the answers you got from the questions.

It may be hard to remember to implement them, I know it was hard to do that personally. I recommend finding a way that could help remind you. This could be telling a friend and them becoming an accountability partner, writing them in a place you look often, or even a voice memo in your phone. These are just a few examples, the options are endless!

Ways I’ve Adapted

Below I have written some of the ways that I have learned to adapt to the situations in my life. Life is constantly changing and I have had to become okay with adapting. There are a lot of different variables that make life a tad harder for me, but I am determined to live the life I was meant to live no matter what!

  • Whenever I get overwhelmed (which happens frequently), I use lavender essential oil. This helps to calm me down.
  • If I am feeling a tad tired and lacking energy, I get on my mini trampoline and start jumping to change my physical state along with some energetic music.
  • There are days when I feel spacey and I have found that when I write, it helps me get through my day and forget about the spacey feeling.
  • Every week I work on serving my body with healthy food. Through this food, I have found that I really connect with the earth because of going to the store to washing the fresh fruit and veggies off to preparing something healthy.

Thanks for checking this weeks blog out! If you have anything that you found that has helped you through the day, let me know in the comments. I would love to see what you are doing 🙂 I post a blog every Thursday around 4pm. Make sure to like and subscribe to stay in the loop. Until next time, have a fantastic week.

Published by Sarah Forsman

Life is not easy, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth it. I was born with a rare disease, Alpha Mannosidosis. It affects every cell in the body. I have been to plenty of doctors and have been able to do things that were never even thought of when I was diagnosed. It's simply because of receiving a life-changing bone marrow transplant at age 4.5 and continuing to push forward no matter the challenge. I am ready to help people and encourage anyone. We can't do this thing called "life" alone, we are better together! #AchieveTheImpossibleToday

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