Did You Hear the News?

What news? What else happened that is super bad in our world? No, no… This is something positive and good!! I just launched my first video on my brand new YouTube channel TODAY!! I am extremely excited about this YouTube channel because on it I will be sharing every week how I am overcoming whatever comes my way in life. I have a desire to let others know that you can get through challenges! Through this channel, I will be sharing my thoughts on getting to the other side of hardships as well as enjoying the process.

Life can be stressful and sometimes we don’t know where we will arrive. In life there will always be something in the way and that is okay. If we are experiencing any sort of challenge, congratulations!!! I say that because if we weren’t experiencing challenges we simply would not be alive. Challenges are hard and I get that. But on the other side is that they will bring us to the most amazing places in life. My life has been twists and turns filled with challenges and I am super excited to have the chance to share my personal insights with you all! Check it out below!

Published by Sarah Forsman

Life is not easy, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth it. I was born with a rare disease, Alpha Mannosidosis. It affects every cell in the body. I have been to plenty of doctors and have been able to do things that were never even thought of when I was diagnosed. It's simply because of receiving a life-changing bone marrow transplant at age 4.5 and continuing to push forward no matter the challenge. I am ready to help people and encourage anyone. We can't do this thing called "life" alone, we are better together! #AchieveTheImpossibleToday

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