I’m Back

Hello! Long time, no reading… I have taken a break from posting on here regularly. I plan on posting every week on Thursdays at 4pm EST. Since posting back in January, lots has happened. Currently, I am working on growing momentum with healthy lifestyle habits that will help me succeed and be the best version of myself. This year is going to be filled with personal growth and self-development in every category of life for me.

This past Christmas I received a planner that is helping me to set goals for the month as well as reviewing how the month went. I typically would use one of those 15 minute planners when my schedule is more focused on school and work. As of right now, I am taking a semester off from school to enable me to rest my brain. Even though I am taking a break, there are still challenges due to the treatment I am going through. This time is allowing me to learn a decent amount about myself and perseverance.

A few things I had started doing during the month of January included: kickboxing, walking, practicing yoga, exercising, meditating, gratitude journaling, morning journaling and spending more time with God. I have really enjoyed starting new habits. Starting a new habit is not the easiest thing to do and now that it is February, I am not doing everything. I have let a few slip that I would like to continue using in my daily routine.

Through everything that I implemented in January (whether it stayed consistent or not), I found the importance of doing these simple tasks. They have helped me in tremendous ways amongst all the stressful events happening within my life. Stay tuned… I will dive deeper on everything that I have added to my routine in a post to come.

At the moment, I am working on several things to help build my personal brand. I will be uploading weekly vlog-type videos on my new YouTube channel (link posted below). These videos aren’t going to be the typical vlog videos; I will be sharing about my challenges that I faced during the week and how I am actively overcoming them. I am also working on changing this website to fit the needs of my vision of Uncovering Joy.

There’s lots going on and I am very excited to share everything. I am looking forward to the future of everything. If you would like to check out my YouTube Channel click here. If you are reading this today (2/4/21), there won’t be any videos up until tomorrow (2/5/21) at 3pm EST. Thank you in advance!

I would love to hear some of your goals that you have set for 2021! Comment below anything you wish to achieve this year. Let’s make 2021 a fantastic year, no matter what life throws us!

Top photograph courtesy of Trish O’Neill

Published by Sarah Forsman

Life is not easy, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth it. I was born with a rare disease, Alpha Mannosidosis. It affects every cell in the body. I have been to plenty of doctors and have been able to do things that were never even thought of when I was diagnosed. It's simply because of receiving a life-changing bone marrow transplant at age 4.5 and continuing to push forward no matter the challenge. I am ready to help people and encourage anyone. We can't do this thing called "life" alone, we are better together! #AchieveTheImpossibleToday

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