Where did the time go?

Well… somehow it is now December 27th as I am writing this. I do not know where the month of December has gone. I do not know where the month of November has gone. While I am on it, I do not know where the whole entire year went!!! This was an interesting year for the books. There have been a tremendous amount of things that have happened this past year. Too many to simply name…

I wanted to write more in the past few months. I had made the decision to go off all social media platforms. It was hard at first, but everything changed after being off for just two weeks. I felt like I could breathe. I was not constantly scrolling through my feeds as a way to run away from my own problems. I was able to experience all that life has. All the ups and the downs.

I am now back on social media, but now I limit my usage. I do not have social media on my phone unless I am posting something. I delete the specific app right after the post to ensure I do not get sucked into scrolling for a few hours. Why am I telling you about my social media cleanse?

I wanted to share what has happened and how time is moving quicker than I expected. I wanted to write more blog posts to share about life. I am changing things around in my life to better suit me. Something new that I have never done before is completing “Uncovering 2020” (year in review). I am doing this to enable myself the possibility to improve next year like never before. I am tired of wasting time and not doing all that I have been called to do.

There’s a possibility of me putting my Uncovering Joy into a blog post to help keep me accountable. I would like to say, time is limited and we are writing a story that is worth telling. Do not waste any more time. It is time to get started and to do amazing things.

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If good things were easy, everybody would be doing amazing things. Enjoy the battles along the journey and you will be great!

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