Thank You

Simple words…that speak so much. I am writing this today because of all the good that has happened in my life. Whether you know me or not, I want to simply thank you. Thank you for helping me in my journey. Thank you for being you. Thank you for reading this blog. From the bottom of my heart…thank you!

You may be asking, why are you thanking me? I haven’t done anything special! Well, in life we impact each other on many different levels. Some actions weigh more than others. We truly do not know what one little thing will do for another human being. We all have stories that are different. We come from different backgrounds and different lifestyles. What if the one thing you did for someone, completely changed their life?

“We truly do not know what one little thing will do for another human being. We all have stories that are different.”

We all have these times in our lives called “moments”. These happen all the time. One thing that you do or one thing that happens in your life can change EVERYTHING! I have found that our minds love to go towards all the negative moments in our lives. It seems like there are no positive moments that are ever happening.

Personally, I feel I have been stuck in a negative mindset. I am always thinking about all of the negative things that are in my life. These include headaches, eye issues, slow processing speed, and a few more complaints. I am slowly learning how to think differently. It keeps coming up that I need to change the story I am telling myself.

Instead of being annoyed and frustrated with my situation, I should be thankful for all the moments in life that have gotten me to where I am. Even though there are so many challenges: I still have amazing friends; I still have amazing parents; I still have an amazing job. I still have amazing things that I seem to be taking for granted. There are things in life that will come and will go.

It is important to look at the things around us and show gratitude to everything that has happened in our lives. Even though there may seem to be a lot of heavy negative situations, there is always something positive. It is all about changing your mindset and looking at the things that you are grateful for.

What am I grateful for?

I am grateful for walking away from the car accident 5 years ago.

I am grateful for my doctors, my friends, and my family.

I am grateful for my dog, Sandy.

I am grateful for graduating with my Associates in Business Administration and soon… Bachelors in Marketing.

I am grateful for being involved with Student Government, Chi Alpha, and creating 2 Bowling Clubs.

I am grateful for the life I have been given.

I am grateful that I have been given a chance to live a life impacting others 🙂

Photographs courtesy of Raymond Wos Jr’s Photography

Published by Sarah Marie

If good things were easy, everybody would be doing amazing things. Enjoy the battles along the journey and you will be great!

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