Uncertain Times

At the moment, you are most likely aware of the global pandemic that is happening. The Corona Virus/COVID-19 has really shaken all of our lives up. Whether you are currently a student or an adult, you have been affected in some way. Your classes may have been moved online, your job may no longer be a job at the moment, or you may be on the front lines. This is a very unsettling time for many people.

Personally, I am a student at a 4-year university. Right before the quarantine, I had interviewed for a job position at my university. I was about to start working, but due to Corona I was not able to do so. My life has been shaken upside down, around the corner, and down the street within this unprecedented time. The start of it was a little tricky getting used to. I am now in a place and have been for a few weeks mentally that I am quite comfortable with.

Typically, when I am not sleeping I would either be at school or at the local Starbucks working on Uncovering Joy. I live in New Jersey and with that being said, we have been on lockdown for roughly one month. I am potentially at a higher risk due to the chemo drug used during my bone marrow transplant for curing Alpha Mannosidosis. My lungs seem to be weaker and for this reason, I have not left the house in about a month. Surprisingly, I have loved it!

Every single day, I have worked on creating a routine that would enable me to be my best self. This was a time that I could have easily gone back into depressive and anxiety states. By incorporating something creative, spiritual, informational, chores, homework, and social into my routine, I have been able to grow. My day does not always go as planned but having the routine I have below, helps me to get back on track if I take a right turn during the day.

Daily Routine:

7am-8am: Pray and Read Bible
8am-9am: Phone Call
9am-1pm: Chores, Homework, Learning
1pm-3pm: Creative Project (write, scrapbook, bake, etc.)
3pm-4pm: Nap (if needed due to headache)
4pm-5pm: Reading
5pm-7pm: Family Dinner
7pm-9pm: Free Time (catch up on homework, watch TV, read, etc.)
9pm-11pm: Pray and Read Bible

Through these unprecedented times, I have felt very calm and not fearful. Majority of the time I was confused because people around me are anxious and fearful. Part of me believes that I am so calm because of my routine. This is true, but it is one part of my routine. I believe that my spirituality is helping me to stay calm through this storm.

John 14:27
Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

This verse speaks so much to my heart because as long as I put my trust in Jesus, He will make everything work out in the way that it should work out. This allows me not to worry about this my personal life with being restricted from being in my house.

Before the Corona Virus, I was not one for staying inside my house. My room is where I had dealt with depression and anxiety issues that I previously had about 3 years ago. I would, in a sense, avoid being home because of not feeling peace within myself. Now, I have been able to work more on Uncovering Joy and be productive with my school work. Most importantly, this experience has helped me to become okay with my past and to find peace in the midst of chaos.

For ways to create routines for yourself please check out the following links:

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